Recently created Digital Transformation Office passed system of online booking for citizenship tests

January 05, 2016
An overhaul system that is being used by the people to reschedule and book an appointment for their online citizenship for Australia has passed an assessment by recently created Digital Transformation Office (DTO).

As of now, appointments were booked by Border Protection and Immigration Department (DIBP), which means that they are not convinient for the individuals and has to be rescheduled that leads to the longer waiting times.

Recently created Digital Transformation Office passed system of online booking for citizenship tests

The DTO and the DIBP has been working for enhancing the system for more than 12 weeks and has just passed the Standard of Digital Service (DSS) that contains 14 criterions like understand the user requirements, understand the information, taking an supple and user centric approach, system and tools that are required for building, hosting, operating and measuring the services and how to adopt, adopt or obtain them and making sure that the services are accessible entire users regardless of their abilities and the environment.

The standard has been taken from the Digital by Default Service Standard of the UK government under the Open Government License.

Matthew Landauer, Delivery Head, DTO, had led the DSS assessment, and he has mentioned in his report that team showed a deep understanding of the experience of the individuals during the process of application for citizenship.  He also mentioned that the team was focusing on enhancing the ceremony of the citizenship. 

Having passed the first assessment, the team is working on obtaining the BETA version ready, the system would go live but still undergoes continues development. He also mentioned in  his blog post that it was an excellent experience and was privilege to share the work of the team and offer some advice for enhancement.

The DTO was started in the month of July 2015 for providing more efficient government services which are digitally delivered and in the month of July, Malcolm Turnbull had appointed Paul Shelter for leading the organization.

The federal budget of Australia for the year 2015-16 has included around $95.4 million AUD to establish the DTO s part of the Digital Transformation Agenda (DTA) which is worth $254.7 million AUD.

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