Role of Australia in harnessing young talent from India

May 14, 2016
Creating employment and delivering education for India’s vast army of young individuals is an international challenge. And Australia is playing a role of harnessing the talent from the subcontinent.

Role of Australia in harnessing young talent from India

According to the Director of Australia India Institute, Professor Criag Jeffery, Indian leaders are all ears on the requirement of providing know how and skills for young Indians and view the education sector of Australia as an important contributor in that job.

He informed that one in every ten individuals around the globe is youth from India. The size of the demographic is vast. 

Professor Jeffrey would chair an annual business and investment forum known as Engaging with India 2016” in Sydney.

The Indian Prime Minster had an aim of providing skills for 500 million individual by the year 2022, and according to the professor, he was actively viewing to Australia for the help. Indian Prime Minister had exclusively identified Australia and the UK as information source and experience on vocational training.

The overseas affairs and business statistics had revealed that the export of educated related service for India from Australia was worth $2billio previous year.  

The quarterly statement from the Reserve Bank on Economic policy which was revealed previous week, drew attention for increased importance of service exports to markets in Asia and also told that they were over 50,000 Indian students at the educational institutions of Australia.

According to Professor Jeffrey, Universities are viewing  at from where the big wave of students would come from, and he thinks that much of the money is on India. Universities are looking at the probabilities of luring students from India, mainly in the science and technology fields.

Australia is expected to tremendous development in education cooperation in many areas that includes course delivery in India and much sophisticated collaboration in research. Australia could play an important role in assisting India build more world-class universities and in governance growth and financing of tertiary sector. 

The number of students from India who are pursuing education in India is increasing since the year 2013. Attracting more brilliant Indian students is a main concern.

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