Scary Times For Migrants in the USA

March 11, 2017

Thursday night saw a second killing of a man with Indian nationality in a what is turning out to be a racial serial attack on people with Indian citizenship in the United States.

The victim, Harnish Patel, had resided in the United States together with his family for more than 13 years. He was gunned down outside of his residence in Lancaster, South Carolina on Thursday night. Investigations into the possible cause for the killing is ongoing by the office of the sheriff.

Officials from the sheriff’s attorney office said Investigators looking into the cause of the killings had not exempted the chances of the murder being an act of racism. They are searching for the culprit and have beseeched the public to share information that will lead to the capture of anyone remotely associated with the killings.

At the same time, the federal bureau of investigations is looking into the case.

The agency is inquiring if other murders involving Indian nationals in the last weeks have been racially induced, most especially the murders of two individuals in Kansas and one in Washington. The increasing attacks have further intensified panic amongst the foreigners' settlement, most notably Asians, that the current President’s violent push and commands have incited violent acts towards them.

In the previous month, two nationals from India were killed just outside a bar in the city of Kansas. Reports say the killer, before pulling the trigger, screamed out to the men to “Leave my country.”

One of the victims, Srinivas Kuchibhotla, gave up the ghost while receiving treatment in the hospital. The other casualty, Alok Madasani, was gravely injured from the attack but was discharged from medical custody a little while after.

Alok gave a speech at a wake keep to remember Srinivas a few days after the incident. “If only this were a dream,” Alok said. “The events of that night was a pointless act and one that has deprived me of my best friend.” Adam Puritan, the person suspected of the shooting, was charged to court with first-degree murder.

Another shooting occurred in Washington on Friday night. A 39-year-old man in his driveway was shot while he approached his car. Just before he was shot, the shooter yelled to the victim to “return to his country.” The minister of external affairs in India paid the victim a visit in the hospital where he was recuperating.

“It’s sad to hear about the attack on a human of Indian descent in the United States,” the Minister said after his visit.

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