South korea putoff visa fee, to boost tourism

July 02, 2015
South Korea announces waives for visa fee

Amid the fears of MERS outbreak  in South Korea, with the tourist number dipping down in the recent months. On 1st july 2015 i.e Wednesday,  Southkorea announced, it will waive the visa fees for those visitors coming from china and southeast Asia, in an rejuvenate the tourist visitors from these countries.

Since the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) outbreak in the last month, the country is struggling to recoup from the disease. But, as it happened the country did not registered any new cases consecutively in the last four days, thus giving much needed breath for the country, as MERS disease infected 183 people with 33 already dead.

The justice ministry said, the visas which were issued before will be extended for next three months, as South Korea peaks tourist inflow from July to August. These measures are aimed to boost tourism sector which is affected by MERS outbreak.

The MERS outbreak had caused a serious blow to  tourism sector, the chinese visitors to the southern resort island of Jeju records 46% fall in this June compared to last year. 

South Korea will waive the tourist visa fees, from July 6 to September 30 for those travelling in groups from the countries of China, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. The validity of already issued visa will be extended for three more months.

Chinese tourists with Japanese visas travelling in groups will also be allowed to enter South Korea, with visa-free for stay of up to fifteen days.

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