Studying overseas, watch out for the opportunities in Europe and the UK

January 06, 2016
If you want to study abroad, then what could be the better place than Europe and the UK. In this article, we will explore the Europe and the UK to find out the best in education.

Western Europe

An escalating number of foreign students are choosing to study in Europe where easy entry needs, free or much reasonable fees and low-priced cost of living are proving incredibly attractive.

Studying overseas, watch out for the opportunities in Europe and the UK

It has been witnessed a huge increase in the foreign student numbers who are applying to the western European universities over the previous few years.  These universities have got 900 degree programs over entire disciplines that are being taught through English, and a maximum of them are free of cost or low priced.

There is no fee in Scandinavia, Sweden, Finland, and Germany. In Switzerland, Belgium and Austria, the fees are less than 1000 Euros per year. There is fee of  1,984 Euros that applies in Netherlands, but the students could receive a loan for covering this, can could pay back in 35 years. 

In Denmark, foreign students could receive a grant of around 750 Euros every month for contributing to the economic activities of the country by doing a part time job. 

Europe provides top quality universities such as Utrecht, Leiden in Netherlands and Gottingen in Germany.

For the medical students, one of the six universities in Italy teaches medicine through English, the student can complete an entrance test.  Half of which is verbal reasoning and the other half would be natural sciences. 

Eastern Europe

Countries like Poland and Hungary has been a favorable destination among the foreign students who are studying in the courses like medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy and veterinary.


Most of the foreign students apply to the study in the Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales. Scotland is much more attractive for many students because of no fees for the students who pursue a degree for the first time.  Since the year 2012, fees in England, Northern Ireland, and the Wales are from 3000 Euros to 9000 Euros, which depends on the course. Foreign students who seek to study in the UK could apply for the tuition fee loan, and the student can pay it after the completion of their graduation when they start doing a job and earn income more than 21,000 Euros every year.

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