Sustainable energy hub launched in Denmark by UN Secretary General

October 24, 2013

Sustainable energy hub launched in Denmark by UN Secretary General

After completion of bilateral discussions on 23 October 2013 with Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Building, Mr. Martin Lidegaard, Mr. Ban spoke to the journalists, and told that expanding and strengthening of UN Partnership network will be the key adequately addressed environmental change.

Throughout his visit to Copenhagen, the UN head has met with pension fund heads and insurance agencies, which he portrayed as "extremely positive". As per him they were highly inclined for committing themselves and also ready to get them engaged for working together along with international community and United Nations in special for this process.

Mr. .Ban also admitted that mobilizing almost $100 billion every year till 2020 for climate finance and then every year from 2020 is going to be a great challenge. But still he believes that it is not at all a miracle situation or even anything which is not possible. Because of all this he is asking for support first from public funds and then from private financing.

Mr. Ban has proposed conducting a Climate Summit at UN Headquarters in New York in coming September month to unite Government, business, finance and also leaders from civil society to handle environmental change and give equivalent importance to three dimensions of economical advancement – economic, ecological and social.

The emergency to handle environmental change has been re-energized betwixt the 1,000 days of activity to attain the worldwide targets for anti poverty regarded as the Millennium Development Goals (Mdgs) by the 2015 due date. Leaders of the world have likewise agreed on 2015 as the year for creating another sustainable development structure and then final reaching on an agreement which is related to environmental climate change.



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