Office for National Statistics underestimates no of immigrants from Eastern Europe

April 12, 2014
Office for National Statistics underestimates no of immigrants from Eastern Europe
ONS (Office for National Statistics) has admitted that the number of immigrants from Eastern Europe who have come to UK during the last decade were hundreds of thousands more than the number that was thought previously.
ONS has disclosed that it was unsuccessful in counting an approximated number of 350,000 migrants who have arrived in the country from 2001-2011.
The left out immigrants of IPS (International Passenger Survey) survey had included the immigrants from previous Communist states and Poland.
According to the corrected total it has shown that the net migration over the past 10 years has raised by greater than 2.5 million which was previously just less than 2.2 million.
The ONS had left out maximum number of migrants for the year 2006.The net migration during that year is presently considered to be 67,000 high when compared to the what was thought earlier , having ended  up at a number of 265,000 migrants.
The previous approximations were considered to be very low because the survey conducted by ONS had concentrated on major airports such as Heathrow but had left out the migrants who have been coming on a large number to the small airports that were located regionally.

According to the document there is a proof that reveals that IPS had left out the significant number of citizens through 2004 and 2008.

The migrants from EU8 have been left out from IPS due to the reason that IPS had been concentrating mainly at some major airports, such as Manchester, London Gatwick and London Heathrow.

Children who have migrated to UK have also been underestimated.
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