Switzerland will be voting on the proposal to limit immigration

February 08, 2014
Switzerland Immigration News
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The major political party of Switzerland has a proposal to restrict immigration to Alpine republic. The party is asking the Swiss voters to decide on the issue.

Once the proposal is approved in the elections, the government will have to renegotiate carefully, counterfeit agreement with the European Union that deals with the workers’ open movement.

Based on the results of opinion there is an increasing support for the proposal as a result of which foreigners will be limited to come to Switzerland every year.

During the survey in the last month, 37% have supported, 55% were against and 8% were not sure. It depends on the voter participation to predict the results. If the voters increase, the results might be different.
Earlier Swiss voters have approved variety of measures that dealt with relaxing the rules of immigration and at the same time approved the proposal to forbid building new towers. That is the reason the pundits are suspicious about the election poll this time.

Switzerland’s lower house has more than 1/4th of the seats belonging to the People’s Party. This party has strengthened suspicions on mass immigration recently. Posters showing a giant tree smashing the map of Switzerland are held everywhere. Similar one represent a woman wearing a veil under the caption ‘‘1 million Muslims soon?’’

As per the government statistics, 8 million out of 500,000 people of the nation, are Muslims.

The government of Switzerland has cautioned that the elections would take place will damage the economy of the nation and also it’s friendship with the neighboring EU. Though Switzerland is not a member of 28 nation union it has signed various mutual agreements with Brussels. This includes that the citizens of EU can reside and get employed in Switzerland. This applies to the Swiss citizens in EU.

Switzerland has launched certain measures for the east and the central European nation’s immigrants for which it received criticism. Such measures are extended to the Western Europe. Restrictions are laid on all foreigners in bringing their family members or accessing any social services of Switzerland.

Switzerland has a very unique and a popular democracy where the people are given the frequent rights to make any decisions on any new laws proposed.

So, Sunday is the day the voters will decide on this issue and many other countrywide and community issues.
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