Auckland economy is set to sparkle

January 29, 2014

Auckland economy is set to sparkle

The prospects for the New Zealand city of Auckland are the best for seven years. This is due to the labour in the country from citizens and migrant workers, housing construction and manufacturing activity.

The findings have just been released by Auckland Council's chief economist, Geoff Cooper during his economic quarterly update. The results show that Auckland's economy is at it’s best since prior to the global recession of 2008.

The title of the quarterly update in publications is ‘High Hopes for 2014’ and it covers many aspects of the city of Auckland which have been leading performers recently, with the Business sector thriving with much optimism.

The rebuilding of Christchurch has had much bearing on the housing opportunities over the last twelve months with the strong building activity granting consents for 5647 new residents in Auckland. This is a big share of the amount of migrants into New Zealand over the last year which is a figure of 14,138.

Investment and employment statistics are currently riding high on the massive boom of building and construction work around the city. To ensure the work continues to be at this high speed and maintains the high standard, it is claimed that migrant workers will be needed in the country over the next 12 months especially.

Geoff Cooper predicts that the higher economy of the city of Auckland will soon be widespread across the country of New Zealand but this will depend on many factors, the increase of labour predominantly. The population of New Zealand is 4 million people, of this less than have are of working age and there is an extremely low unemployment rate. This means that for the many jobs available, there are not so many citizens. The plan of action is to increase appeal for Migrant Workers to enter New Zealand and assist with the rising of the economy. Whether on a temporary or more permanent basis. 

House prices in Auckland are significantly higher than the rest of New Zealand, at an average of $100 more per month. The reason for this is the wide range of opportunities that this vibrant and bustling city has, especially for the migrant members of the population. Being close to all amenities such as schools, places of work, health care, entertainment, police and more is worth a higher rental price in the long run. 

There is no place better on earth currently with the amount of opportunities available that compare to those here, on this widely known ‘’heaven on earth’’ country.

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