Taking a look at the world's most powerful passports

February 06, 2016
A passport from the nation like the US and the UK, could be very influential, as it permits the individual to travel all over the world without requiring a visa.

According to a financial company, one could travel to around 147 nations if they are from the US or the UK. it has also compiled the ranking of passports from around the world that reveals that which one is the tourist’s dream. 

Taking a look at the world’s most powerful passports

Indian passport is ranked on 59th position; citizens of India could travel to around 59 nations without requiring a visa.

Passport from the nation in better universal standing is an influential thing. Permitting its holders to go  across the borders without dealing with the application of the visa. it empowers the families and individuals for becoming the universal citizen by connecting clients to the programs related to purchasing of citizenship.

The nations are ranked by numbers of  other nations, individual who holds the passport could visit visa free or upon arrival.  The nations whose individuals had  the much freedom of travelling are the developed nations.  The lowest group include the Palestine and South Sudan territories both who could apply to just 28 nations.

The UK and the US are the most widely accepted in the world with 147 countries for visa free traveling. France, South Korea and Germany stood at second position with 145 nations.  

The list of top ranked passports are UK, US, South Korea, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Singapore, Japan and Finland.

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