Presently No change in H-1B Visa Policy, says USA

August 31, 2018
Facts regarding visa

The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa permitting the US companies to take up overseas workers in specialty occupations which require theoretical/technical expertise.

A senior administration official of USA has said that there is no change in H-1B visa policy. It is under review currently to make sure that it is not disadvantageous to US workers. This is the development happening before the 2+2 Dialogue next week. In it India will raise the issue of work visas.  Technology companies are heavily dependent on it to hire employees every year from various countries.

Presently No change in H-1B Visa Policy, says USA

The US administration is aiming to reform the H-1B system, with a belief that some IT companies were abusing it. Moreover it feels that there is a job denial to local workers.

Issue is under consideration

India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj while speaking in the Rajya Sabha said that India was attempting a solution of this issue. It was holding talks with the White House and the US Congressmen. This issue will also come up at the 2+2 dialogue of September 6.

Moreover, a Senior Administration Official acknowledged that US was ready for India to raise this issue at the meeting. He added that there is nothing to say because the policy is the same and is under review.

The Trump Administration issued an Executive Order calling for a broad review of the Work Visa Program (H-1B). It wanted to ensure that it is administered in such a way that is not disadvantageous to US workers.

Moreover, the US extended the temporary suspension of premium processing, used for H1-B visas, by five months to clear the backlog.

Visa cap

This visa has the yearly numerical cap of 65,000 based on the mandate of the Congress. The initial 20,000 petitions, on behalf of beneficiaries, having the US degree of master’s, or higher, get an exemption from the cap.

Additionally, some more H-1B workers,  who apply for or get the employment at an institution of higher learning or affiliated and related organizations as well as nonprofit entities and research organization and governmental research organization do not come under the purview of the numerical cap.

Finally there was also a report claiming a huge increase in denying these visa petitions made by Indians in comparison to other nationals. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services, says that in the ten years from 2007onwards, 2.2 million high-skilled Indians applied for H-1B. 
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