Tech Nation Visa Scheme has made it easy for attracting non EU talent

October 31, 2015
The extraordinary escalation of the digital sector of London has been fuelled by the talent. But due to the constant growth was outshining the capital and supply of the digital sector referring to the shortage of talent as the biggest threat.

But Now with the introduction of the so called Tech Nation Visa (1 Tier 1 Exceptional Tech Talent Visa scheme) it will be opening the UK to the international workforce.

New Tech Nation Visa Scheme has made it easy for attracting non EU talent

Such moves were attempted by other countries as well, for example countries like Chile, Italy and Canada has been developing the policies of immigration for the startups and entrepreneurs.

Earlier in this month, UK’s government body, Tech City UK had announced this scheme. With the aim of making easy for the technology companies to exploit the talent from non EU countries.  It also created four new requirements for ensuring that the digital powerhouse of UK stays internationally competitive.

Britain’s capital had already made name for itself as it attracts the companies like Google and Face book for setting up the European base here in the UK. The technology giants requires a regular stream of highly talented staff for managing their operations. The new facilities of this visa scheme would be attractive for the international businesses as well as the applicants.

It is not only the companies who will get benefited from the current developments, but the extending businesses of London will also get profited.  It was revealed in a report that the technology sector of the capital city had brought around 1.6 billion pounds from the investors in the year 2015. However, a possibility of growth would not convert into the product unless it gets the talented staff.

The importance put on constructing scale ups in this new scheme is motivating evidence of public sector that is listening to the digital business. As we move into the next phase of digital revolution. There is even more requirement for the skilled migrants to authorize the move from the start up to the scale up.

This will move lead to greater investment as the UK scale ups demonstrating the newest investors their genuine capability for the expansion. And with the recent throw in space that is granted to Northern Powerhouse in the new visa scheme and it is truly looking like it’s the start of new phase for the UK tech.  London had always led and would likely to continue to lead the nation’s digital industry.

The new scheme is now is a welcome step in the UK’s march toward the digital leadership.

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