UK universities tops for student satisfaction internationally

January 20, 2016
According to a study, it was found that the foreign students who study in the UK are much more satisfied with their education than other universities in other English speaking countries.

It was found that around 91% of the students told that the UK universities are at the top position for student satisfaction. Universities in the UK have scored higher than any other university in the world.

UK universities tops for student satisfaction internationally

Additionally, around 85% of the foreign students who are studying in the UK were much likely to suggest their experience with the university than those students who are pursuing education elsewhere.

According to the UK Higher Education Unit Director, Vivienne Stern, while the UK’s enhancing outcome and higher satisfaction with cost of living than key alternative nations recommends that the UK is heading in the correct direction and should not remain satisfied. 

He also said that other nations are rising their efforts for attracting foreign students and are also enjoying faster growth. The UK should together capitalize on its obvious strengths for driving sustained growth for critical component of the higher education system of the UK and its broader economy.

The primary options for the overseas students if they had not gone to study in the UK was the US with 44%, then Australia with 24%, Canada with 19% told that they would have went to study.

Replies from the students had revealed that the top four reasons for the foreign students selecting to study in the UK are the reputation of the university, study course, potential of earning and personal safety.

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