Thailand announces multiple entry Tourist Visa targeting Weekend Tourists

November 17, 2015
Thailand authorities’ wants to make easy for the tourist to enter the country, as part of this the Foreign Affairs Ministry had recently announced that it would be granting new kind of tourist visa in near future.

All foreign tourists would be able to apply for the six-month tourist visa with multiple entries. The cost of the visa would be around 5,000 baht which makes around US$139.  The citizens from country like the US could merely get the visa on arrival when they visit Thailand. For the Indian tourists, the process of immigration is not so easy.

Thailand announces multiple entry Tourist Visa targeting Weekend Tourists

Thailand is becoming the most favorable destination for the tourists from the subcontinent, due to its relative closeness and cheaper prices; the Kingdom is the most favorite weekend getaway spot for the Indians. This latest visa is expected to make easy for the tourist to enter the nation.

The application process for multiple entry visas is little bit more difficult than just showing up at airport and have your passport stamped. Once it is approved, the visa holder could choose to visit to Thailand on an impulse for weekend without requiring to apply for the online visa or visiting the local consulate initially.

The visa holders could enter or exit as they wish during the specified six months period of time,  in order to get approved, the tourists should show that they have minimum two trips planned to Thailand during the next half year.

The aim seems to be for creating the latest pool of frequent visitors. Tourists from India with this latest tourist visa with multiple entries would choose Thailand as they are already approved for traveling there. Indian tourists could have their yearly family vacation during a trip and return whey they had a long weekend vacation from the work.

A thirty-day visa is sufficient for the tourists from Europe, Australia, and North America, this visa can be renewed for extra month at the office of the local immigration. Nonimmigrant visas for longer period are also available for the individuals who wish to stay in Thailand for over a month of time without having to make visa run to the neighboring nation for refreshing the stamp.

Citizens of China, Macau, and Hong Kong might be able to gain from this six-month visa. Citizens from Burma, Pakistan and Bangladesh, do not qualify for the visa on arrival, so tourists from these nations might also gain.

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