Employment applications of H-4 visa holders is to be accepted by US

May 28, 2015
US to begin accepting the H-4 holders employment applications

The higher authorities of US have begun accepting the employment applications for the holders of H-4 visa who are the spouses of non immigrant workers H-1B and who were not allowed to work in country so far.

The Department of Homeland Security in US has started to accept the H-4 visa applications yesterday.

The President of US Barack Obama has taken measures in fixing the country’s immigration system by issuing the employment authorization card to the specific H-1B visa category of spouses.

In US around 1,80,000 as a result are qualified to work.

Within the 90 days span of getting the application the EAD will be issued according to Department of Homeland Security. 

Under the regulations which are existing, employment authorization will not be extended to dependents of the H-1B non immigrant workers. 

The latest rules allow the dependent of the H-4 spouses of specific H-1B non immigrant workers in order to request the authorization of the employment till H-1B worker starts looking for permanent residence over the employment. 

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