Nearly half of top skilled professionals were already in Canada: Early Express Entry new Data

May 13, 2015
Early data on new Canadian immigration program reveals many were already in Canada

Canadian Government has introduced a new system known as Express Entry on 1 January 2015 with an strong intention to lure more overseas skilled professionals from across the globe and to fill the vacant positions which the country is currently experiencing the shortage. As per the new reports of CBC, half of the skilled immigrants who have qualified for the permanent residency within the initial three weeks of launch of the programs are the individuals who are already residing in the province. 

779 applicants who were selected in the first draw of Express Entry pool were resided in Canada, according to the report of Department of Citizenship and Immigration. Of which 13% of the individuals were residing in India, followed by United Arab Emirates with the percentage of 4.5. Furthermore, smaller percentages lived in other nations. 

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander noted in a statement that their government has offered permanent residency to over 779 skilled workers in its first draw of Express Entry. And maximum number of applicants who were invited to for apply for PR has hold provincial nomination or a valid job offer. As per the same statement, skilled workers in the first draw are from the popular domains of construction trades, electrical, industrial and natural and applied sciences.

Under this new immigration system, skilled professionals who get a permanent job offer supported by the labor market impact evaluation are among the foremost ones to get an offer for permanent residency. However, respective immigration officials stayed mum on the matter of offering permanent residency to temporary overseas workers through permanent residency.  

Notably, the majority of the individuals who were offered PR in the beginning were temporary overseas workers, according to the director of skills policy. The fact is that 346 candidates out of top 775 skilled professionals had already been relocated to Canada on temporary basis that mainly underlines the reality that holding the valid Canadian work experience, possessing provincial nomination certificate or job offer bolsters greatly applicants ranking under the new Comprehensive ranking system.

According to the new report of the country, citizens of India, Pakistan, Ireland and the Philippines has accounted by the top sources in the Express Entry. Out of top ranked candidates in the pool, there were 228 Indian skilled nationals, 122 Filipinos, 46 Pakistan candidates, 34 from Ireland, 29 from Nigeria and China, 18 from Egypt and 14 from South Korea. 

The new information also revealed that three of the applicants were listed as unspecified and nine as stateless. United States has occupied the position of 19 with only six American candidates ranked in the pool.

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