Thailand to introduce six months Tourist visa with Multiple Entry

September 23, 2015
Foreign Affairs ministry in Thailand has announced officially that they are going to offer tourist visa with multiple entry (METV) which would be valid for six months from 13th November.


Thailand has decided to grant visas with multiple- entry to the visitors, facilitating the community from ASEAN countries who approach here and also to boost the tourism industry of Thailand.

The visa is going to cost around 139 USD, and it will be available to the visitors from this year’s November month.

According to a report, this visa will grant multiple entries to the visitors which would be valid for 6 months period of time and 60 days for each entry. Foreign tourists are eligible and can apply for this tourist visa with multiple- entry (METV).

As of now, this tourist visa is valid for just 2 months, after the validity ends tourists should leave the country or can apply for an extension of the visa with the office of the local immigration.

But with the new visa, tourists can come to or leave the nation as they wish within the validity period of six months. This also means that using this visa, now tourists can stay for the period of six months although for every two months they need to leave the country for keeping the visa validity alive. 

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