The Canadian Citizenship Act protects the interest and values of Canadians

February 21, 2014

Canadian Citizenship

Canada’s citizenship and immigration Minister, Chris Alexander, affirmed that the government is committed to recognize and reward people who have served the country in uniform through (or, by) Canada’s proposed measures in the Citizenship Act, Bill C-24.

To recognize the important contributions made by people who have served Canada in uniform, in the  past, or those who are serving now, and those permanent residents who have served the armed forces in the past, or, are presently serving the Armed Forces of Canada now, the country will provide them all faster access to its citizenship. Bill C-24 also assures children born to or adopted by Canadian parents who are serving in a foreign country as servants of the Crown, also, faster access to citizenship. With these changes to the citizenship Act, Canada also joins many of its peer countries, by way of some measures which effectively withdraw citizenship of Canada to those dual nationals who are found guilty of terrorism-related activities or spying or related severe crimes, or who engage in actions against Canada. Permanent  residents who are involved in such activities are disqualified from applying for citizenship.

The proposed changes in the ‘Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act’, ‘Bill C-24’, will honour the sacrifices and contributions  made by the people who have served or are serving the country. But, at the same time, those who are involved and convicted of crimes will be prohibited from applying for Canadian citizenship.

Australia and United States are two countries who have a similar system for the members of armed forces and who have served or are serving their country, by way of addressing deployment challenges and honouring their services.  

The proposed measures would also disallow citizenship to convicted criminals or criminals charged with offences outside Canada, as also to criminals serving imprisonment in any other country outside Canada.


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