The government is pressurized by Senator to add freedom of religion to US immigration

June 10, 2015
Freedom of religion to be added to US immigration due to Senator's pressure

The Department of Homeland Security is being pressurized by the Sen. James Lankford in order to change the language which is used in the exam of a U.S. citizen by marking the ceremony when the first amendment right to freedom of religion has been introduced.

Today, it was written in a letter by Lankford, R-Okla to the Security secretary of Homeland Jeh Johnson that I understand that since 2008, the answer choice “freedom of worship” was used when the immigration services and citizen of the U.S. was advised that the term “worship” was more embracing than the term “religion”.

Lankford referred to the decision made by the Department of Homeland Security in order to list the term “freedom of worship” rather than the term “freedom of religion” as an American right, which has been listed in the test of civics that the migrants should take to become a U.S. citizen who is naturalized and using the language which is same in accompanying the study materials.

The officials stated that during the modernization of naturalization test, the citizens and immigration services of U.S. consulted various scholars in the political science and American history fields to make sure the answers and civics items which are developed for the modernization test were accurate.

Lankford in his letter has requested the naturalization test and the corresponding materials are changed immediately and correctly to show that the Americans have the right to free exercise of religion.

A  Department of the homeland security stated in May that it has no plans immediately in order to revise the test items.

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