More often Public opinion on migration issue based on incorrect information

September 16, 2015
Previous year 80% of the people who arrived in the UK for working had a visa that was tied to a job to start when they reach there.

Public opinion on migration issue often based on incorrect information

Immigration has consistently become the major concern for the surveys that are counted. Responding to these, political leaders have made their efforts repeatedly, showing that they can bring the numbers in control.

During the previous election, the conservative party repeatedly said that its aim is to reduce the net migration number and since then it has made attempts in making the UK, a destination with less appeal for the migrants by access reduction to health, education and welfare services.

The views expressed in the public opinion surveys on migration issue are often based on incorrect information and wrong assumptions.

In a survey it was found that majority of the UK ‘s population consider the cost of EU and workers from non-EU overshadowed the benefits. In contrast of that another research found that net migrants have paid more taxes in order to contribute to the country’s economy.

The problem is not that they don’t know about the facts, the thing is that it’s no use of telling the truth to the politicians as they don’t trust them.

In this global era, international migration issue is the reality from which the country cannot escape from. And migration issue between the countries with lengthy historical connections cannot be let off easily. 

The decline and latest rise in the migration numbers to the UK can be easily explained by the national economy and the available jobs than by the efforts being made by the government to manage the fact.

Incorrect information and false assumptions mean that what the country might look without focusing on taking tough measures and decreasing the numbers.  A positive debate would at least provide the chance to imagine the different ways of living with migration.

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