The number of overseas MBA students staying in the UK has dropped

November 25, 2015
When the UK Home Office had announced its plans to change its policies regarding post study work visa in the year 2012. The experts and the politicians expressed their concerns that the new rule will discourage the overseas students from applying to the universities to study in the UK. 

The number of overseas MBA students staying in the UK has dropped

Now after three years after that rule which came into force, the predictions that were made seem to be coming true to a great extent. As in many business schools, the admissions had dropped in the year after the changed rule.  According to the information, in the year 2013, the student numbers dropped to the eight year low, 21% less than the admission in the year 2010. 

According to the information, the visa change in the year 2012 had an important effect with the hiring from the abroad were down.  The overseas MBA student numbers residing in the UK had also dropped. Around 45% of the overseas MBA students who graduated in the year 2011 in the UK had resided in the nation for work but only one-third of them are still there. Comparing with the one-half of the overseas students who stayed in the US and two-thirds of the overseas MBA students who studied in Canada.  Critics blamed the lesser retention rate of the UK to the nation’s changed visa needs.

But it has also been seen that the number of overseas students taking admissions in the MBA programs has heighted out. And also the visas that were issued had also increased.  And according to the information from the UK government, from the year 2015, the UK has witnessed around 10,648 more Tier 2 visa issued in the year with an increase of 13% over previous year.

The UK’s top school officials also said that the programs have not witnessed the drop in the enrollment, because the students who are eligible to reside and work in the UK finds their own way.

Before the year 2012, students can stay in the UK to do the job after they complete their graduation for two years, but with the new rule, the students are required to switch to Tier 2 visa scheme, which needs the students to secure the offer of the skilled job form the licensed employer for staying in the UK.

In UK, the change also brought in new visa category, the Tier 1 graduate entrepreneur visa which permits students to reside in the UK for one year. But the number of Tier 1 entrepreneur visas grants had been dropped recently with around 2,980 less applicants in the year 2015 than in the year 2014.

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