The UK Set to Modify the 30000 Pounds Minimum Earning Requirement for Migrants

January 27, 2020
PM Boris Johnson is set to change the plan about the minimum £30,000 earning the threshold for migrants who aim to enter the UK after the exit of Britain from the EU.

The UK Set to Modify the £30000 Minimum Earning Requirement for Migrants

The Reasons Behind the Decision

The proposal appears to not fit in with his plan to introduce an immigration system similar to Australia. Also, there is a promise that unskilled immigration would be reduced much in the new system. There is also a claim that the number of persons arriving in the UK would also be curtailed. Furthermore, a replacement system will fully begin in January 2021, where the old plan for border control changes will be shelved.  There was a controversy around the £30,000 figure because those not paid well, but possessing top skills, would not be able to enter the UK.

When asked about whether the figure was discussed in the Cabinet meeting, a spokesman for the PM stated: That Migration Advisory Committee will study the impact of proposals separately and that will be published soon.

Consultation and Reports

The PM wants to do away with the older version and is keen to introduce the points-based system like Australia and that is slightly different also. The Migration Advisory Committee was earlier approached by Home Secretary Sajid Javid during the past. He also demanded that the Migration Advisory Committee must check if Mrs. May’s immigration plans could be achieved.

The MAC will publish a report on this matter in the future, and the government review will be released during the next week. The resulting findings of the reports will offer help and advice to the government to go forward. Mr. Javid and the PM will work together in charting the new immigration path. The public is clear about what they want and the freedom of movement will end and the government will take back all control of borders thereby delivering on the promise.

The New System

The new system will deal with taking back control, allow the freeing of global talent, and also attract the bright and the best professionals, thereby reducing unskilled immigration.

The date of coming into force of the new system is New Year’s Day in 2021, after the end of the transition period of exit from the EU. Mrs. May wanted a slow phasing in of the new immigration policy, but the present government appears to scrap this idea also.

Also the rules on Freedom of movement will continue to stay in force until there is an agreement between the UK and EU. Finally, the present rules, specify that the citizens of member states of the EU can look for a job in other EU countries and also work there not needing a permit, live there to do that and stay there after finishing the employment.


Practically, the UK does not aim to enforce these restrictions on the groups. The rules are different for groups like the students, the self-employed persons, retired people and economically inactive people.

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