The United Kingdom work visas rises but study extensions down

July 30, 2015

UK grant of work visas rises, but study visa extensions dips

Following the UK’s home office crackdown on student visa extensions in the recent times, the number of non-European students who come to the study and work in the UK decreases one-third of total in 2014. 

Study related visa extensions have decreased by more than a quarter for a year that ended by March 2015, but it is still accounted about 84 percent of the 74,760 visa extensions that were granted to students in the last year 2014.

But, the remaining visa extensions like work visas granted for the international students have increased by 13 percent accounting to 7,013 in 2014.


Tier 2 skilled worker visas numbered 5,369 which are one-third more than that granted in 2013. Tier 2 skilled visas are granted to the students who have a job offer from any UK employer earning a minimum of 20,000 Euros annually.

Study related visa extensions refusals have increased by 30 percent, a bulk of Institute sponsored applications that extend study decreases due to fewer applications.

All these trends are due to previous decrease in the total number of visas issued and the tightening of visa rules including the recent introduction of interviews to determine whether students are genuine or not, said the home office.

Further restrictions like international students that are no longer can extend their visa without returning to their home country have placed on the sector since the statistics are published.

The United kingdom home office attributes the decrease from the number of sponsoring educational institutes is due to the new compliance policy and accreditation criteria for the educational sponsors that introduced in the month April 2011.

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