Three million tourists confirmed to arrive in Cuba in 2014

January 31, 2015
Tourist inflow reaches record-high in Cuba in 2014

Cuba was finally able to achieve its target of tourists from overseas when it reached the 3,002,745 mark, depicting a 5.3% growth. The National Bureau of Statistics and Information confirmed this figure in its latest report. According to the data obtained from Bureau of Immigration and Foreigners, Canada continues to be in the fore by sending tourists to Cuba. 1,175,077 Canadian travelers arrived at Cuba, showing an increase of 6.3% when compared to 2013.

After Canada, the countries which sent the greatest number of tourists to Cuba were England, France, Germany and Italy. Apart from these countries, some non-conventional nations like China had sent 28,239 passengers, which is almost a 27% rise. This trend is slated to continue as more direct flights between Beijing and Havana are starting soon. Venezuela also showed more than 70% upgraded tourists’ inflow to Cuba. 

Almost 8,085 tourists came to this island nation in cruisers, despite the curbs imposed by the U.S. Government. The present cruise season is more promising than all the past years, with 13 ships having 212 stopovers until 10 April. This surge in tourists coming to Cuba has remained as such for the past four consecutive years. With the increased tourism, the country’s economy also receives a boost. Several U.S airlines like JetBlue Airways, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines are showing their keenness towards establishing flight operations to Cuba after getting legal permits.

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