Tier 2 visa limitations paralyzing the care sector of the UK warns ILC

November 20, 2015
According to the report that was revealed by the Independent Age and Foreign Longevity Centre in the UK (ILC-UK), failure in attracting the workers from the UK to the care sector and the limitations of the Tier 2 both are contributing to crippling of the sector of adult social care. The report has also stated that within 20 years, the sector has faced a possible shortage of one million employees.

Tier 2 visa limitations paralyzing the care sector of the UK warns ILC

According to the ILC-UK, the limitations to the Tier 2 immigration should be relaxed for allowing the care home to hire more workers from abroad. More financial support required to be provided for enabling the advanced salaries to be paid and retaining those who are already employed in care sector in the UK.

According to the policy director at Independent Age, the combination of the care providers failing to hire and existing workforce struggling to deal with with the rising demand, the care services would worsen.  He also said that the social care is presently dependent on the system of Tier 2 immigration for enabling the hiring of overseas workers and that the process of getting the workers to the UK from abroad requires to be simplified. 

He added that the government should use the upcoming Spending Review for investing in social care and this will enable the sector to draw many workers from Britain and will also give the chance to explore the new ideas of providing care for ageing population in future.

Presently, there are around 1.45 million people are working all over the sector of social care. The report said that the nation is facing complexity in hiring and retaining the staff across the nation. And out of the present positions in the adult social care in England, each one in 20 positions are vacant.

The report also urged that the unavailability of the employees is not only the factor this sector is facing but also massive cuts to this sector means that the viewpoint is miserable until some essential changes are made.

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