UK's Cardiff University has been welcoming Indian students to its campus

March 08, 2016
Cardiff University in the UK is the leading research based institution and it stood at fifth position in the current Research Excellence Framework of the UK government.

UK’s Cardiff University has been welcoming Indian students to its campus

It has been also working in India since many years with its office located in Delhi; it has been welcoming students from India to its university campus since many years.

Large numbers of students from India are studying in Cardiff, it also offers many programs for Indian students like MBA and the specialist Master’s program and many of these programs are inclusive of internship opportunities or prospect to link with businesses and firms.   

The university also offers merit based scholarships of around 5000 pounds to foreign applicants at th entire academic levels. 

According to Patrick Cosh, Deputu Director, Foreign Office, at Cardiff University, Indian applicants are being welcomed and the starting assessments are based on the academic grades of the students. We also work with the recruitment consultants who could assist advice them on their eligibility for study at Cardiff University.

He also told that the university is having its own foreign scholarships that provides 1.5 million pounds of funds to foreign students across entire academic levels. Students could win the scholarships of upto 5000 pounds in few academic areas and around 3000 pounds in others.  The university also participates in the Great Scholarships of British Council that provides Indian applicants around 5000 pounds in selected academic areas that includes commercial law, public health, entrepreneurships etc.

The university is also partner of Commonwealth and Chevening Scholarships Programs that permits students to apply for scholarships across many subject areas. Around 2,20,000 pounds of the scholarship funding went to the students from India.

UK university qualification is recognized by the employers all over the UK and around the world. Indian students in the UK have made their careers in many sectors like engineering, business, computer science and many more areas. Many of our graduates from India has used their qualification for building careers either in their home nation or in various parts of the world.

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