US to expedite visa process for Indian physicians

November 21, 2014
US lawmaker to speed-up visa facility for Indian Doctors

President Barack Obama has scheduled a plan to take independent administrative act for restoring America`s "broken" migration system. The democratic lawmakers have brought in the legislation to speed up visas for Indian physicians.

A constituent of the house of foreign affairs board requires the Secretary of State to expedite the evaluation of visa request of Indian doctors who are listed to work at the hospitals of the US. The legislation of Meng’s also needs to speed up the evaluation of J-1 visa applicants.

J-1 is a short-term non-migrant visa that can be used by international doctors who are expected to work at medical nationality programs of the U.S. The State department’s existing assessment program is a long process, the law maker said.

This long postponement in the issuing of visas has resulted in withdrawing of offers to overseas doctors, which were agreed upon.

However, Meng’s has searched a remedy for the delay of visas. The officials have augmented in obtaining J-1 visas from American Embassies in their countries.

These long delays are not only affecting the commitments and plans of the physicians but also the US nationals who rely on the critical treatments of doctors according to Meng.
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