Top tips for new immigrants to Australia

October 07, 2013

Top tips for new immigrants to Australia
In yesterdays article I highlighted a list of the absolute essentials when first setting foot on Australian soil. This article takes that list a step further with 5 more tips to make settling easy and to ensure you put the fundamental factors in place to start enjoying a fabulous life down under.

Register with Centrelink

Who is Centrelink? If you are a newly arrived resident in Australia and you are looking for work or outlets to training courses then Centrelink can help you. They can also tell you whether you will be eligible for social security payments. In most cases you will find that you have to be some time in the country before you can claim, so it is worth checking out the application and processes with the authority. If you are eligible for payment it is important that you register with Centrelink within 14 days of arrival. Australia offers a "Humanitarian Programme". If you are claiming under this umbrella you must claim within 7 days.

Also be aware that if you have children and either hve no income or a restricted income you may be able to claim government funded family assistance payments.

You can find out more information about Centrelink by clicking here

Do you need the Health Undertaking Service?

This is basically for new citizens who were assessed to have an illness of concern which would need substantial follow up upon moving to Australia. (If you are an Indian citizen and still applying for a visa to Australia or unsure about the whole process you can contact one of our consultants in Delhi, Chennai or Bangalore. When making your application you will have filled in a Form 815. The first thing you will need to do on arriving in Australia is ring the Health Undertaking Service (1800 811 334 )  and they will advise the nearest clinic where follow up medical checks can be administered.

Cutting down language barriers

If your unable to speak English you are going to be highly restricted accessing your basic needs, attaining a worthwhile career and building valuable relationships when you settle. It is therefore you take advantage of the highly recommended AMEP (Adult English Migrant Program). Especially set up for new arrivals to Australia you maybe eligible for  510 hours free.

Your children's education

As in nearly all western culture countries, schooling is mandatory so you need to register your child/children with a school as soon as possible. In Australia children must attend school from five years of age until the completion of Year 10. Young people that have completed Year 10 must participate in full-time education, training or employment, (at least 25 hours per week) or a combination of these activities until they reach 17 years of age. 

Getting back behind the wheel.

You need a drivers license to drive in Australia. However if you have a drivers licence from another country when you first arrive you can use this to drive for three months during your new residency. At the end of this period you will need to acquire an Australian driving licence which will involve you taking your driving test again. It involves a theory test, a practical test and an eye test. So even though you may have a license to cover you when you first arrive it is a good idea to brush on the new tests as soon as possible so your will not loose your license at the end of three months. By passing the knowledge test you can drive on a learners license.
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