Two Indo-US firms fined for violating the H-1B provisions

November 10, 2015
Two Silicon Valley firms owned by the Indo –US has been ordered to pay a fine of around $1,03,000 to the federal government and $84,000 in back wages to the firms employees who are carrying the H-1B visa.

The two firms brought workers from India and other nations on the H-1B visas for employing them on the position of the software engineers for the firms in Silicon Valley like Apple, e-bay and Cisco Systems.

Two Indo –US firms fined for violating the H-1B rules

According to the official release, it was revealed that the US Labour Wage and Hour Investigators Department has found that the two firms have violated the H-1B rules of the Act of Immigration and Nationality by misrepresenting the level of wage on the applications of the labour condition that are needed by the act.

Judge under Federal Administrative Law ordered the two businesses for paying its 21 workers around $84,000 in back wages and around $1,03,000 in the form of fines to the federal government.

The employers had also recruited experienced workers with master degrees and paid them as the employees under entry level.

According to the statement, both the companies have been disqualified from the participation of the H-1B program for a period of one year.

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