UK is looking at India to fill vacancies for doctors and nurses in its NHS

March 01, 2016
UK has again turned towards India and looking at it trying to fill out vacancies for doctors and nurses in its state funded NHS.

Figures that were attained had showed that the NHS has been facing severe shortage of staff with many of the NHS trusts all over the UK has turned towards foreign countries like India and Philippines to fill those gaps.

UK is looking at India to fill vacancies for doctors and nurses in its NHS

According to Ramesh Mehta, British Association of Indian origin Physicians (BAPIO), President, doctors from India must be treated well and should not be utilized as the pair of hands to serve the NHS.

According to the new statistics, that were obtained, during the year 2013-15, vacancies of nurses has been raised by 50% and open positions for doctors has also been increased by 60%.

According to the statement from the Health Department, recruiting is the priority and this is the reason why there has been more than 29,600 additional clinical staff that includes over 10,600 extra doctors and over 10,600 extra nurses. There are over 50,000 nurses presently in training.

The statement also added that they know that a lot requires to be done for making sure that they continue to have the right number of employees in training so that the patients get high quality care all round the day and throughout the week.

The NHS has been looking towards India for meeting the shortage of staff for increasing the number of doctors and nurses and also told that the overseas health employees  always makes a important contribution to the NHS.

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