Audit report questions the immigration department on its visa management system

December 11, 2015
There are serious errors in the way the Australian Department keep an eye on the visa holders who are violating their rules.

In the year 2014-15, the Australian immigration department had issued over 4.3 million visit visas, around 3,01,000 student visas and a total of 3,00,000 temporary worker visas.

Australian Immigration Department endorsed the audit report recommendations

The immigration department is responsible for making sure that the visa they are issuing visas only to the legitimate applicants and they do not work illegitimately or overstay in the country.

The Auditor-General finds that the immigration department had a better idea of number of individuals overstaying in Australia, but they do not have the complete data about the level and nature of the visa holders disobedience with their visa situations.

Statistics that were revealed to the auditor finds that around 15,550 individuals overstaying their visas between five and 15 years and around 17,370 individuals overstaying by over 15 and around 61,980 individuals who had overstayed in the year 2015.

According to the report, the immigration department does not have an efficient intelligence and risk functionality after its elimination of its fraud, risk and integrity division in the year December 2014.

Despite the functions being discrete to other areas of the immigration department and the innovative Australian Border Force, important efforts will be required to solve the problem.

The report also praised the immigration department for managing of visa cancellations, but the audit report also finds that the activities of the compliance field that are leading to the cancellations was often ad-hoc and was taking too much of time. 

The Australian Immigration Department endorsed the audit report recommendations.

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