Canada Will Deport Nigerians Who Are Denied Asylum

May 23, 2018
Ahmed Hussen, immigration minister of Canada, visited Nigeria in a past week to talk with senior officials about the sudden increase in Nigerian asylum seekers entering Canada. Their talk was successful and Nigerian government assured it will discourage its citizens from misusing the American travel visa and illegally crossing the US - Canada border. Hussen said that Nigeria will assist them by immediately issuing Nigerian deportees for them to come back home. Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada said that Nigerian asylum seekers whose claim is rejected will have to leave the country immediately. 

Canada Will Deport Nigerians Who Are Denied Asylum

During his three-day visit to Nigeria, Hussen understood that one of the difficulties his department will face during deporting people is lack of travel documents. Hussen spoke with US representatives in Nigeria about tightening rules for Nigerian visa applicants and ever since the talk, and there has been a 10 percent drop in approvals. Hussen also mentioned that more than 7,600 Nigerians crossed the border illegally between January and April 2017 and had to be controlled before temperatures increase during the summer. He also revealed that 75 percent of Nigerians who crossed had valid US travel visas. They fly to America, spend a few days doing touristy things, and then walk into Quebec. 

Uncontrolled illegal crossings 

In 2017, Canada saw an influx in Haitian asylum seekers after Donald Trump, president of the United States, canceled their temporary protected status, which allowed them to stay in the US for almost two decades. The US canceled temporary protected status for El Salvador and Honduras, which means Salvadorans and Hondurans living in the country will soon be marching their way into Canada. 

The North American needs to prepare itself for more illegal crossings, which would affect their finances. Canada recently started building a temporary residence for asylum seekers, so that they don’t freeze in the cold at night. 

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