New Zealand tops the list for healthiest country!

September 30, 2013
New Zealand tops the list for healthiest country!
New Zealand is famous for it's healthy work life / home life balance and is consistently at, or near the top, of surveys comparing the quality of life internationally. Three quarters of recent migrants decided they wanted to stay permanently, according to an Immigration New Zealand survey - with nine out of ten prepared to recommend New Zealand to family and friends. Most migrants of New Zealand feel the life is beyond expectations. A survey by Immigration New Zealand showed that 64 percent of the have relaxed pace of life. It is one of the significant hope of the migrants before they are coming to the country. Almost 88 percent given the opinion that they are enjoying their life here after their first year of arrival.

New Zealand is a well-developed, connected country and we can offer all sorts of opportunities to advance and broaden your career. To create that perfect balance New Zealand is also renowned for it's many recreational opportunities: beneficial to creating a wider social circle, the means to either kick back and enjoy our world famous views, landscapes and beaches or live life to it's fullest with the many outdoor activities available such as mountaineering, or exploring our natural bushes, turn those dreams of a harmonious family life into a reality! There's a lively arts scene with and a constant stream of entertainment going on in music, theatre, film and comedy. With a exceptional good dose of annual leave plus public holidays there's plenty of time to enjoy all the great things New Zealand has to offer.

Whether it's New Zealanders easy-going way with each other, the uncrowded communities with very little traffic, the relatively low crime rates and the more compact businesses we work in, life's generally much less stressed here.

New Zealand can be said to be one huge playground, it is geographically stretched and skinny so anywhere you choose to live in New Zealand you will never be more than 100km or so from the ocean. 
The water quality at the beaches is great and are usually sandy, and there's some seriously good surf to be found. There's unlimited opportunities for activities such as boating, fishing, kayaking, windsurfing, kite boarding and canoeing. Or if you'd prefer to chill out and relax with our abundance of beautiful sandy beaches literally on your door step you'll find that peace of personal paradise no chore to get to.

People in New Zealand are never far away from the bush and countryside.Most of the land is ideal for trekking ,camping, hunting, and family holidays.  The Majority of the land is under the protected areas or national parks. Cities that offer with the huge natural reserves are perfect for picnicking, walking or mountain biking. New Zealand is having some of the world’s famous cycling tracks. New Zealand mountains Southern Alps is world famous, and good for winter skiing.
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