UK Needs New Visa Policy To Address Digital Skills Crisis

June 27, 2016
The United Kingdom's Committee on Science and Technology (STC) suggested the Government ease visa policies for companies that employ fewer employees less than twenty.

UK needs new visa policy to address digital skills crisis

The committee demanded a new visa policy to address the digital skill shortage in the software companies.

The comprehensive report published by the STC urged for easing policies, which makes small-scale industries recruit skilled professionals outside the European Union. It says that digital skill gap costs 63 billion pounds annually to the GDP.

The key recommendation included relaxation of existing Tier 2 visa conditions. The United Kingdom is the centre for Information Technology in whole Europe, to maintain its position visa rules must be relaxed.

The Government must support small-scale industries by providing access to non-European nationals.

The United Kingdom has been separated from the European Union after Britons popular verdict for an exit on June 23.

This decision will soon impact migration trends, migration policy, and new economic policy. 

The United Kingdom is the country with the largest migrant population. Even the Brexit supporters proposed for Australian style of immigration procedures.   

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