UK Tier 1 Investor visa - Indian millionaires are now in focus

July 25, 2018
The UK Tier 1 Investor visa was targeted by  PM Theresa May after the nerve-agent poisoning case of Sergei Skripal, a former Russian spy, and his daughter in UK . There was an investigation by the Home Office into the Tier 1 Investor visas of wealthy Russians.

Tier 1 Investors generally invest large funds. Any investigation into the invested funds needs to be fair but not be a part aggressive policy . Moreover, Investors bring great economic benefits . The tier 2 sponsor license and tier 2 visa route are worthy of a look.

Recently there were visa issues with Russian diplomats and billionaires and also there were some strict measures. Presently a few Indian millionaires who are migrating to Britain face stringent checks. 76 Indian millionaires  arriving in Britain, on an Investor visa after 2008, will have to undergo new checks.

Strict Tier 1 Investor visa rules

Additionally there were major rule changes in 2015 in the Tier 1 Investor visa which empowers overseas investors who invest £2 millions , £5 millions or £10 millions to get UK permanent residence for self and also for their Dependants in a range of two to five years.

UK Tier 1 Investor visa - Indian millionaires are now in focus

After imposing New rules the number of Tier 1 Investor visa applications has decreased by 84%.

Many Indian millionaires, who did not yet get indefinite leave to remain in the UK after completion of five years will face a review. Presently the authorities are reviewing at the way it is operating.
The Home Office can refuse the application, if there are grounds that the applicant does not control investment funds, or if they are obtained unlawfully.

Money laundering is also an issue and Transparency International UK, which runs a campaign opposing corruption, has potential money laundering concerns about  this program. The  government  in the UK must take steps in preventing Britain to become a destination for corrupt investors dealing with illicit wealth, and making efforts to cleanse their reputations. The figures of Indian millionaires with a Tier 1 Investor visa, are as follows:

Indian millionaires using UK’s Tier 1 Investors Visa

2008: 0
2009: 3
2010: 4
2011: 11
2012: 12
2013: 16
2014: 12
2015: 4
2016: 5
2017: 7
Total: 76

Total dependents: 100

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