Indians in the US Searching for Jobs in India

April 20, 2017

The President of the United States passed a new policy that has brought the H-1B permit into a state of review.

The president is arguing that the permit should not be used to give room for the replacement of American employees and it should only be given to foreigners that have the most skill and would be paid well.

A news report made public on Tuesday disclosed that firms such as Infosys and Tata Consultancy which are known to be heavily reliant on the H-1B permits for the employment of staff would be affected once the scheme is reviewed.

The H-1B permit scheme allows hundreds of international employees come into the country to find work, especially in the field of information technology.

“The firms in the United States would find qualified staff to fill up positions in the United States, but it would not meet the demand of these firms. Also, take into consideration the wage package for a united states citizen as compared with a foreigner on the H-1B permit,” a consulting expert told reporters. The country of Australia on Tuesday terminated its 457 permit scheme that was employed by nearly 95000 international employees, a lot of them being from the nation of India, in its bid to reduce the rate of unemployment in the country.

Professionals in the industry view the global talent reserve as a go-to choice for firms to keep both their Indian employees and also tackle the issue of lack of American employees.

An employee with a firm in the country of India stated that even though the global pool of talent was focused on reducing the cost of operation for international firms in the country, the companies are now viewing the other aspects in which the pool can be beneficial to them. “It is apparent that there is a tectonic shift between giving out jobs to foreigners and hiring locally within the country. Firms that have a global talent pool in India can always transport employees from the United States to the nation of India and also employ people from the nation into the pool,” the consultant said.

A vice president for the technology sector department in the country has disclosed that while the aim of the global pool is to drop the cost of employment and putting skills first, people are expecting a change in its target soon.

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