Parents and Grandparents Program of Canada is Planning for 2020 Intake

December 17, 2019
IRCC has announced that the Details about the intake process for Parents and Grandparents Program in Canada’s for 2020 will be available soon. This program is popular, and there is a huge demand for sponsorship from citizens as well as permanent residents, as per the latest report of the government.

Parents and Grandparents Program of Canada is Planning for 2020 Intake

PGP Application Process Needs Reform

There was a controversy in the PGP application process in recent years, and many Canadian Citizens and PRs had a desire of bringing in their relatives.

For the year 2019, IRCC had employed the online process depending upon the timing of the arrival approach to give the Interest to Sponsor forms. It was available for a few minutes when it opened on Jan 28th, 2019, and many persons could not see it. As per the IRCC, 100,000 persons tried accessing this form simultaneously. Consequently, Canadian government granted 70 places in the program for settling two lawsuits that expressed the online application system to be unfair.

The settlement was kept secret and also had a non-disclosure agreement and members in the lawsuits were permitted to sponsor their relatives to immigrate to Canada.

Resolving the Issues

The Cases filed in Toronto and Vancouver, stated that the process of online registration had an arbitrary, capricious design and was implemented in an unfair and unjust manner. The Immigration Minister also stated that the system of registering interest was up for a review owing to the problems in 2019. There were grounds of discrimination against people not filling the form quickly or persons having a slow internet connection. Furthermore, in the previous technique, sponsor forms were submitted in a window in January, and aspirants were drawn randomly to send the full applications. Now the aspirants must note that a new process of applications will be introduced for 2020.

Step 1: Sponsors show the interest

Potential sponsors will complete the Interest to Sponsor form to inform IRCC, of their wish, to sponsor the parents/grandparents. They must upload a status copy of their Canada document.

Step 2: Dispatching the Invitations to sponsor

On the ending of the interest to sponsor period, IRCC conducts a review of the submissions and also removes any duplicate submissions. After that IRCC officials will invite potential sponsors for submitting the completed application for sponsoring their relatives, in the order in which the sponsor forms arrived. The process will run until the cap of 20,000  on complete applications is reached.

Step 3: Submitting Applications

The invited persons to apply are allowed 60 days by IRCC to send their complete application. The persons who submit the interest to sponsor form and also get the confirmation number, and are not able to receive the invitation to apply last year, will be considered in 2020.

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