UK Universities Group wants a New Post-study Visa for Indian Students

September 05, 2018
A call for a new post-study visa 

An influential representative body of the leading universities in UK has given a call for a new post-study visa. This will address a huge decrease in international student from many countries like India. In 2012 The UK removed its post-study work visa. It permitted global students to stay in the UK and work for two years, after completing the graduation.

Prof Steve Smith, Chairman, UK Universities International Policy Network, said the main reason of Indian students opting for other overseas destinations was the unavailability of a post-study work.

Presently, UK is on the verge of losing its leading position as a great destination for international students. A welcoming message will help the UK and its students, businesses and universities also. The temporary Global Graduate Talent Visa, will allow qualified global students, to work in a skilled occupation, in the Kingdom, for two years, after completing graduation.

UK Universities Group wants a New Post-study Visa for Indian Students

Comparison with other nations

Moreover, Canada and the US offer a post-study option of three years. It is four years in Australia, and three years in New Zealand. The recent figures, suggest that the number of Indian students, arriving to the UK annually, declined from 24,000 in 2010-11 to 9,000 in 2015-16.

Furthermore, the London Mayor Sadiq Khan, has also urged the UK Home Office, for better post-study options, to prevent bad days. Universities UK, having 136 leading universities, as its members, say that the new visa proposal will have the involvement, of all high education institutions, which are registered as sponsors of Tier 4 visas. They can sponsor their graduates to search and gain some work in the UK for two years. This will serve the students in a flexible manner and help them to seek work experience.

Features of the new visa

It would allow employers, of all parts of the UK, to get access to talented overseas graduates. Moreover, it will help small and medium employers, who do not possess Tier 2 sponsorship licenses.

The UK government had a claim that the post-study visa route was abused in the past. Universities in UK, reveal that as per the latest exit check data, of Home Office 98 percent of students had left on time. The stand regarding many persons overstaying is incorrect through the government data.

Presently there is an increased support for international students and graduates. 72 percent of British adults participating in the survey say that global students should stay for one year in the UK after their graduation and also get adequate work experience.

The purposes

Such a post-study visa would put the UK on an equal footing with the offers of the US, Australia and Canada.  Presently, the UK needs a determined immigration policy to boost its competitiveness in the region and also in the world. The new visa proposal, is based on a series of consultation with stake holders, and has happened after UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid stated regarding taking a fresh look at major parts of the immigration policy.

Permitting international students to work after they complete their study in the UK will be a boon to small employers, and also fill up various skills gaps. It will facilitate growth, and the universities will become competitive at the international level.Additionally the UK students will develop a global mindset.

Present day options

In the current rules, global students from various countries have to find a job, in four months, having a salary of GBP 20,800, with an employer that holds a Tier 2 sponsor license, after completing their course. The second option is to find a sponsorship as an entrepreneur. PhD students can stay for 12 months after completing their degree.

The fresh Global Graduate Talent Visa will give them a long period to search for a Tier 2 role. Moreover, it will permit UK-based employers to benefit from the talent of graduates.
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