UK Universities Want New Immigration Policy

April 17, 2017

A report made public to journalists on Friday stated that a representative body for institutions in the United Kingdom has called upon the prime minister of the country, Theresa May, to put into place brand new migration rules. Their intent is to catch the attention of foreign students who want to come into the country.

Educational institutions in the United Kingdom, especially universities, had been complaining of a severe drop of foreign students that come into the nation for studies. That includes students from the sub-continent of India, which is responsible for some of the highest influx of foreign students in the country from nations that are not part of the European Union.

The number of students coming to study in the United Kingdom has fallen sharply, this revelation was gained from reports gathered by a poll carried out by the nation’s official department in charge of statistics.

“As the present administration keeps on including foreign students as permanent of long-term foreigners in its bid to drop the inflow of immigration into the nation, we know there exists efforts to cut down that number even further, giving them the impression that they are not needed in the nation,” the head of the body of institutions in the United Kingdom told reporters. She also told newsmen that nations like the United States and the continent of Australia had experienced a surge in the number of international students enrolling in their institutions.

She also stressed on the need to have a public message of goodwill sent to gifted individuals around the world in society after the event of Brexit.

“Rival nations like the continent of Australia and the United States have experienced a surge in the number of foreign students on their shores coming to study.

These nations have an open arms policy for foreign students and put them under the umbrella of an impermanent resident in their migration schemes.”

Her response was based on a statistics carried out by institutions in the United Kingdom that took into account the opinions of more than 4000 individuals of sound mind in the United Kingdom.

The research indicated that around 73% of the entire people polled preferred an increase in the number of foreign students coming into the country; about 26 percent of them viewed foreign students as migrants and 64 percent of them were of the opinion that foreign students were a positive influence in their host communities.

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