UK will not stop EU migrants coming into the country for work

May 13, 2014
UK will not stop EU migrants coming into the country for work

According to some news reports, David Cameron, prime minister of Great Britain has in a statement declared that his country (i.e. his government) will not prevent EU migrants arriving in his country to work. He added that the relevant rules pertaining to free movement between nations are ‘important’ and that these rules will continue to prevail. This would be so in spite of the controversy that the consequent migration that might occur (of the migrant workers staying back in the country i.e. UK).

He stated specifically, that his country would not put up ‘barriers/obstacles’ to stop the migrants from the other EU nations. He also added that free movement within EU was ‘important’ and that it/this would be adhered to by Britain.

Mr. Cameron disagreed with the assertions/demand from the UK Independence Party for UK to come out of the EU and disallow (or, not follow) the European Union regulations that provide for citizens of member states to work in other EU countries without restriction.

The EU rules have led to a migration of EU nationals in excess of 1 million to enter Britain in the last few years, with about 150,000 coming in just the last year.

It has also been reported that official records will make evident that another 30,000 Romanians and Bulgarians have entered Britain since the rules barring their entry ceased to have effect in January.

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