US President's executive action will raise the number of work permits for overseas workers

October 20, 2015
It has been revealed that US President’s executive action will grant thousands of work permits for US to the applicants of US green card, even if the applicant living in the US illegally. The program will raise the number of overseas citizens who would be able to get the document of employment authorization (EAD) and work in the US.

President Obama’s executive action would raise the number of work permits for overseas workers

As of now the overseas workers who seek permanent residency in the US should be sponsored by the employer through an application of I-140, putting those applicants in line for receiving the green card.  And one the worker reached the front line they can apply for changing their status to lawful permanent resident. Then they will receive an EAD, which will allow them for working anywhere in the US and can also apply for the welfare, while waiting for the green card. EAD will also allow the temporary foreign workers to reside in the US even when their  H-1B visa expire.  There is a limit to green cards grants every year but based on the country. Each country will receive 7% visas, leading to the average time of 8 to 10 years for receiving a green card.

This rule will cut the requirement of filing an application of adjustment of status and provide anyone who had an approved I-140 petition to get an EAD. This will allow the illegal immigrants to receive the EAD since they only need an official ID for filing an I-140. It will be beneficial for the tech companies by filling the market with cheap overseas labor and get rid of H-1B renewal and the administrative fees.

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