USA Administration Announces Fresh Immigration Rules and Measures

August 14, 2019
A new announcement by the USA Administration amounts to a concentrated effort by the administration to alter the legal immigration and focus on the legal ways for immigration.

USA Administration Announces Fresh Immigration Rules and Measures

The rule denotes that the applicants for Green Card and visa will be viewed as per their incomes or education levels. There will be a bar on using benefits like food stamps, Medicaid, and housing vouchers, as they notify government assistance.

US Immigration Encourage Self-Sufficiency 

The aim of this policy is to encourage self-sufficiency and self-reliance for the persons who wish to come or stay in the US as per Ken Cuccinelli, US Citizenship and Immigration Services Director. The measures make it easy for people with a high income to reach the US.

The US expects people of all income categories to stand on their feet, and remain self-sufficient. This rule applies to persons intending to come to or to remain in the US by using the legal channels. It will have an impact on 382,000 persons as per the Homeland Security Department. 

Far-Reaching Immigration Changes 

The policy pursued by President Trump will impact on people to make life better for them and their families. In the present regulations running back to 1996, public charge has the definition that: 

“Someone primarily depending on government aid where it supplies in excess of half of their income especially cash benefits”
Officials can take into consideration health, education, age, financial resources, skills, and family status of an applicant.

US Immigration - Change in the Arrival Pattern 

After this rule, experts argue that there will be a change in the arrival pattern of people from many countries, and their families. Some of them will forgo public aid also. Some of the hard-working immigrants will not take small and temporary government assistance.

The US is a country where for the past 243 years; immigrants have made a great contribution.

The exceptions to the rules are such benefits for active duty members, military personnel, pregnant women availing Medicaid for, children below 21 years of age and all emergency medical care.

Many adults in immigrant families that they are not participating in a non-cash safety program now.

This rule applies to immigrants that use designated public benefits for a period of 12 months in a period of 36 months. The rule takes effect from Oct 15 this year.
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