Washington state's move to grant aid to its undocumented students

February 28, 2014
Washington state's move to grant aid to its undocumented students
According to news reports, Washington state has joined the list of a small number of states (four of them) offering financial aid to study in the state's colleges to those of the students who entered the country illegally. The Democratic Governor of the state, Jay Inslee, signed legislation to that effect, on Wednesday, making them eligible to receive aid in grants. He also proclaimed that the legislation was a victory for the numerous talented, intelligent and hard working students throughout the state of Washington. But, it is also true that eligible but illegal immigrants would have to meet a higher standard to be chosen for aid as compared to the legal residents. This is so, since, according to the existing and present laws, rules and regulations in place, undocumented immigrant students who qualify for aid need to have attended atleast three years of high school in the state and would have to have earned a high school diploma or equivalent in the state, while the US citizens would have to have lived in the state for just one year.

By now, four states -- California, Illinois, Texas and New Mexico -- have passed similar legislation choosing to help those undocumented immigrants who are intelligent, motivated and are keen on pursuing higher studies. But, it is also a fact that there is a lot of politics and political debate behind the legislation. So, it can be said that Republicans have in general been reluctant to bring in or help pass legislation of the aforesaid type, because their policies are broadly speaking tough on immigration, especially illegal immigration. But, Democrats led by the President would at this time, broadly speaking, like to aid some of those who have illegal status at present, but have something that mitigates their present illegal status, some kind of legal protection. Thus, actually, it can be stated that the positions of the Republicans and Democrats are highly divergent, disparate and conflicting, as for as immigration – especially illegal immigration -- is concerned.
Thus, for example, those Illegal immigrants who graduate from the universities, by availing of aid and loans from the government still face and continue to face an uncertain future because their legal status (as illegal immigrants) remains unchanged. So, admittedly, the wider debate about the fate and status of illegal immigrants and what would be their fate remains unchanged and seems to be (or, is likely to remain) uncertain in the near or distant future, too.   
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