Why should you settle in Hong Kong?

December 28, 2015
As I sit down to write this article, the first thing that comes to my mind is “Why Hong Kong”? Why would anyone want to settle down for a Country like Hong Kong rather than going to Countries like Canada or Australia or for that matter Denmark, which are supposed to be THE Countries to settle in as a migrant? Let me tell you why?

Yesterday, I was going through an article in the newspaper which spoke about what the “Bollywood Celebrities” are planning for this New Year. While I was just skimming through the article, the only thing that caught my attention was the news that Akshay Kumar was heading to Hong Kong along with his wife, for a quite holiday. That made me wonder as to what is it that an Indian Celebrity likes in this Country that not many others seem to connect to? Probably that is the reason this motivation of writing this Article on Hong Kong has stemmed from.

I would like to start this article with a simple question - Why Hong Kong? Though there are dozens of reasons I can come up with, I have chosen the below reasons as the ones that should make you decide to settle in Hong Kong:

- Hong Kong is a sophisticated fusion of Eastern and Western Cultures

- Hong Kong is a Shopper’s Paradise. From trendy boutiques to traditional stores, you can find anything you want in Hong Kong

- Since it is a cosmopolitan city, it has a variety of offerings of food ranging from Asian to Western Cuisine

- It is a perfect destination for family because you have everything from entertainment to temples and natural reserves

- Hong Kong has one of the best transportation networks in the world and is well connected

- It is a dynamic city with great prospects for business

- It has very good Universities and has about 3 Universities ranked in the top ten of the Asian Universities list

- Hong Kong offers a stable investment environment which no other Asian Countries offer

The above reasons are good enough for anyone to think of a career and to settle in Hong Kong. Having said this I will write back again to give more insight. For now, Bonsoir!!
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