Work while you study in Canada

December 29, 2015
Each year thousand of foreign students visit Canada to pursue quality education. The top source nations of foreign students in Canada in the previous 10 years have been India, China, France and Korea.  Luring and retaining the foreign students has been the priority for the immigration program of Canada. Students had shown to be the precious source of the latest Canadian immigrants for different reasons.

Work while you study in Canada

The factors like the language ability, age and the Canadian education and work experience are more valued by the government of Canada in the selection system of the Express Entry for selecting the skilled workers to immigrate to Canada. Students then are the ideal candidates for the permanent residency.

Apart from getting the precious education in Canada, foreign students also got the chance to obtain work experience. There are two ways that the students could work during their studies. From 1st June 2014, students could work part time for 20 hours per week during the academic year and full time during the school breaks without requiring applying separately for the job permit. This permits the students to work without requiring applying for work and then waiting for months for the permit.

Foreign students are also permitted to work full time during the regular academic year if their school programs need a co op or internship to finish as part of the curriculum. Students who seek to take part in the co op or internship program must apply for the co op work permit if they are eligible. The co op job permit would be issued if the job is important part of the student’s academic, professional training or vocational program.  The permit would not be issued if the job components exceed 50% of the entire length of program to study. 

Not all students could work while staying in Canada. If you are undertaking French or English as the second language program you are not qualified to work while studying. 

Students should dedicate their time to studies while they are in Canada and should not use their study permits primarily to do the job.  If any student is not genuinely pursuing studies in Canada might impact the student’s ability to renew their study permit or might even result in order for their exclusion.

Students are motivated to take the advantage of working while studying in Canada to obtain the work experience and to make their business relations and network in the society. As these experiences would strengthen their relationship to the nation and also assist them in seeking permanent residency of Canada if they want to stay in Canada after completing their education.  Students in Canada should study and should stay committed towards their academic pursuit.

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