A New Campaign is launched to Bring Workers into Alberta, Canada

October 18, 2013

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It is well-known that immigration can have a positive effect on a countries economy and many countries depend on immigrants coming in to fill a gap in the workforce when it comes to finding workers with specific skills. Now, a new study shows just how important it is to attract immigrant workers and  a new campaign has been launched.

The province of Alberta, Canada is in dire need of workers to help fill employment gaps, and a new campaign is encouraging immigrants to come in from America to help fill the shortages.

Due to the serious lack of skilled workers in the Alberta area, a trial project to bring in 1,000 employees from the States was launched. However, Alberta still lacks skilled workers so the efforts go on to bring more workers from the US.

Alberta has a particular shortage when it comes to resource projects; Alberta isn’t alone when it comes to filling vacancies as Saskatchewan and Manitoba are also experiencing a shortage in labour workers.

The Conference Board of Canada says that employers in Alberta find US employees ideal because they have the related training and experience needed for the job and they don’t need a visa to come into Canada. However, the process of migrating from America to Canada for work is not without its difficulties and it is not a straight forward process to bring skilled employees in from America.

Laura Dawson, author of the Skills in Motion: U.S. Workers May Hold the Key to Canada’s Skills Shortage, said:

“With 50,000 unfilled vacancies and more than double that number expected within a decade, the labour and skills shortage has a direct impact on Alberta’s ability to develop its resource and energy sector. That is not just a regional problem, it affects our national economic prospects as well.”

The pilot scheme to attract US workers into Alberta was launched in 2012; a recruitment campaign to attract more people from the States to migrate to the Canadian province is currently under way. One key group being targeted during the campaign are US and Canadian veterans.

While employers in Alberta still feel that the best place to look for workers is locally, they also understand the challenges of finding enough local employees. The report stresses the need for government, businesses and unions to do more than facilitate workers coming into Canada and has called for more to be done to put a stop to the barriers when it comes to workers certification.

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