A Plan in Quebec to Reach Immigration Levels of 52500 by 2022

June 11, 2019
The Quebec government introduced some fresh proposals on June 7. It has a plan to reach an immigration level of 52,500 in 2022.  Moreover, this will involve an increase of 10,500 fresh arrivals in Quebec from the target of 42,000 newcomers this year.

A Plan in Quebec to Reach Immigration Levels of 52500 by 2022

This development also indicates that Quebec is returning to the same immigration level that existed prior to the new government of Coalition Avenir Québec assumed power in Oct 2018. The proposals will be based on the outcome of the public hearings dealing with immigration matters. The date here is August 12th.

Changing immigration levels in the province

Quebec Province had immigration levels above 50000 in the period from 2015 to 2018. The government decided to decrease immigration levels in 2018. The reason was fulfilling the election promise concerning the issue of proper integration of newcomers into the province.

Also, In these proposals, the Quebec Immigration Ministry explained that the reduction in the numbers of newcomers last year had the aim of revamping the integration programs and services. The government opts for a gradual annual increase for the newcomers by 3000 -4000 in the next three years.

It will work on the issue of providing immigrants with the necessary tools through state and civil society agencies to integrate successfully into the provincial society. In 2022, the immigration level will touch a figure of 49,500 -52,500. Among them, 65 percent of newcomers will earn their selection by using provincial economic immigration programs.

The Major Proposals 

The major proposals are:

• Favoring overseas workers and overseas nationals by providing a degree in Québec, when they meet the  labor market requirements and already live in Quebec,

• Favor skilled applicants by providing the necessary training or also the Valid Job Offer

• Expediting the arrival of economic immigrants

• Supporting employers in recruiting temporary overseas workers

• Promoting the selection of immigrants who understand the Quebec values

• Expanding the number of adult immigrants who can speak the French language

• Encouraging permanent immigration of youths

Migrating to Quebec offers a guarantee to avail the best opportunities for career growth. There is an attractive high standard of living also.
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