Australia's Scott Morrison talks about protests at Manus Island

February 25, 2014
Australia's Scott Morrison - Visareporter

After the death of Reza Kevati an asylum seeker from Iran, the government has started an investigation to know the facts related to the violent protests that took place at the detention center in Manus Island, Papua New Guinea.

There have been demands for the resignation of Scott Morrison, Immigration Minister of Australia after his submission that major protests took place inside the detention center but not outside of it, according to the past claims.

Mr. Morrison has still supported the earlier reports and said that the changes/amendments to the report were according to the conflicting opinions, relating to the adverse events that took place at the detention center. He has said in parliament that the Department of Immigration will take up an investigation of the issues related to Manus Island’s protests .This it is being said will include even events that took place during the government of the Labor party.

 Scott Morrison has stated that the detention center was reopened in 2012 during the government of Labour party. The Minister has criticized Tony Bruke, former Immigration Minister, for his role in the protests at the detention centre of Nauru that took place during his regime as Labour party’s immigration minister. 
Mr. Morrison criticized Mr. Bruke for taking an entire week to declare the results of the report in Nauru's processing centre for refugees.  He felt that it was a failure on the part of Mr. Burke in dealing with the riots.

As stated by Amnesty International, the refugee’s death was due to the illicit policy adopted by Papua New Guinea and Australia’s offshore processing. The officials of the government and the private contractors should make sure that they are more/most careful in dealing with the refugees. Usage of any kind of force should be the last resort.

Amnesty International has also said that more than 1,200 people were arrested in the Island of Manus under cruel conditions without any report or information regarding/about their future.

As per the report given by ABC, Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia has said that the government officials of the country have taken an immediate action to ensure that proper food is provided and necessary care is taken to the detainees held.  But, additionally he stated that the government shall not surrender on the issue of ‘people smuggling’.

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