Australian Government makes a few Changes in Immigration Policies

February 04, 2019
Australia is a favourite place for settlement and has made numerous changes in the immigration policies. Moreover, there are indications that immigration will be reduced in some states and some others will provide employment. We mention some of the changes in Immigration Policies:

Changes in Region Wise Immigration

• There is also a focus on regional immigration, with stress in the required states far more than answering other issues.

• Additionally, the government aims to improve the immigration program for suiting the requirements of particular locations which opens pathways of the immigrants having limited proficiency in English or only mediocre skills.

• It also has a focus on giving services and providing security to the immigrants from sponsors involving the families and elderly people.

Australian Government makes a few Changes in Immigration Policies

Changes to Sponsor Parent Visa

There is talk about easing out rules regarding the parents who visit their children in Australia. Moreover, this will permit issuing a temporary visa for a period of 3-5 years by paying a fee of 5000/10000 dollars. The sponsors have to ensure that the parents take up a health insurance policy and have no charges on healthcare debt.

Changes to Cap the Number of Immigrants

The PM also spoke regarding a cap on the number of immigrants, as per the state requirements. Additionally, particular states must have the rights to decide regarding the numbers of visas to issue. This is with the aim of solving the problem of surplus or shortfalls among immigrants.

Two-Step Verification 

Furthermore, there will be a two Step Verification for the Spouses who Travel on a Partner Visa. There will be access to the partner before permitting them to sponsor a visa. This will also ensure that the sponsors avoid harassing the immigrants.

Investment Proof 

Business people do not require an Investment Proof to seek the Business Visa. Furthermore, it will not be necessary for the Business people to present capital outlay for obtaining the business visas as was necessary earlier. This will also boost the economic sector of weaker areas in South Australia.

Opposition to the Changes in Australian Citizenship

Finally, the PM spoke regarding the changes of the federal government in implementing reforms for the people to obtain Australian citizenships but there is an opposition on this matter delaying it.

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