Canada - Full-time work in Ontario helps in employment gains during February

March 12, 2019
There was a big gain of 56,000 in Employment in Canada during February. The reason behind this is the increase in full-time work in the province of Ontario.

Canada - Full-time work in Ontario helps in employment gains during February

The details

Additionally, the monthly Labor Force Survey of Statistics Canada for February shows that Ontario had a net gain in employment of 37,000 in the month. 59,000 more full-time work helped to offset the loss of 22,000 part-time work in the province. Furthermore, the unemployment rate in Ontario was 5.7 percent and its yearly employment increased by 192,000, (2.7 percent), in February 2018.

Quebec and Ontario were responsible for the increase of 18,000 workers in the Scientific, Professional, and Technical Services sector during February. After comparing with the figures of February 2018, the increase in national employment in the industry was 6.8 percent (97,000).

The field of Scientific, Professional, and Technical Services has scientific research and development, engineering, architecture, legal services and accounting in it.

The growth story

Statistics Canada reports that Employment in these services and in public administration increased in February for the second consecutive month. The gain was 14,000, and a majority of them were in Alberta and Ontario. There was growth in other industrial sectors also like natural resources and agriculture.

Overall, the net addition in Canada was 67,400 full-time jobs in the month. The net loss of part-time jobs was 11,600. Totally, the net employment increase was 55,900.

The results in February were contrary to the expectations of low employment gains. The results showed that Canada was ahead of its neighbor the United States, which had the increase of only 20,000 new jobs in February 2019.

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